The Heart of England

A Guide to the Best of Southern England

The inspiration of authors from Austin and Hardy to Shakespeare.  A land steeped in history with culture and castles as reminders of its impressive past.  A land of garden walks, moated castles, rocky shores and ancient ruins, this is the land that has inspired untold stories and the birthplace of England.  Come visit the distictive cultural feel of Wessex England


Wessex Hotels

Glastonbury Tor

There are a number of luxurious and historic hotels throughout Wessex that provide easy access to the Wessex countryside and attractions.  Some of the more notable are:


Located in the center of Winchester, The Mercure overlooks the Winchester Cathedral and is a great location for day trips throughout Wessex.  More information at www.mercure.com


The Wessex Royal Hotel in Dorset is a great starting point to see the land of Thomas Hardy as the city of Dorchester is known in many of Hardy's works as Casterbridge and Thomas Hardy's cottage is nearby.  The Military Museum, Dinosaur Museum and Tutankhamum Exhibition are all located nearby.  More information at www.wessexroyaledorchester.com


The Wessex Hotel in Somerset is situated in the heart of England's Western Countryside is close to both Glastonbury, Wells and Stonehenge.  The Glastonbury Tor can be seen from the hotel and the area is perfect for walks and a great starting point for cycling.  More information at www.wessexhotel.com

If you have a hotel in Wessex that you would like to add to our list, please feel free to contact us. 


"A merely realistic dream country."

- Thomas Hardy -